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One of the most common concerns a homeowner or even a commercial business has is ensuring that they have good indoor air quality, and that often includes having the right amount of humidity in the air. Some HVAC systems come with a whole-building humidifier built in, but not all of them do. If you find that you have dry air, though, it is possible to install a humidifier with an existing HVAC system.

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How do you know if you need a humidifier installation? Some signs of excessively dry air include getting shocked when touching something metal, suffering with dry, itchy skin, struggling with sinus issues and irritated eyes, and going through bouts of chapped lips. If you find yourself spending your allowance on moisturizer and eye drops, installing a humidifier is the perfect solution for your comfort.

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In fact, the wood floors, walls, and furniture in your home or workplace also suffer without proper moisture in the air. Installing a humidifier can keep your wood items from splitting and cracking. If you suspect that your home or office has bad indoor air quality, it may be partially due to the fact that the humidity levels are too low. Reach out to United Air Conditioning for a consultation and see if installing a humidifier can improve your comfort and protect your belongings.

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Humidifier RepairWhole House HumidifierHumidifier Installation ∴ Clearwater Beach, FL ∴ Safety Harbor, FL ∴ Pinellas Park, FL